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The McAdenville Woman’s Club was formed in 1954. By-laws and a constitution were established and neither have changed much in 65 years. Ada Hunsucker was the first president and served two years. In 1955 Ada was presented with the first Woman of the Year Award. The Object of the Club and Purpose of the Club is to secure a united effort in the development of ourselves, our homes and our community. The club colors are Green and White and the Club Flower is the Dogwood.

As stated in the Club Constitution, membership was and continues to be open to any woman of the community, including those living, working (including spouses) or attending church in McAdenville, or any interested woman recommended by a current member.  The Club continues to meet on the first Tuesday of each month, breaking for the summer, and typically meets in the Pharr Family YMCA Ballroom.

In 1990, the Club began designing and selling McAdenville Christmastown Sweatshirts.  Just as the Christmas lights are viewed by many from all over the US, the Woman’s Club receives requests to purchase shirts from many different states. The club sold over 1,300 of the 2018 design. In 2013, the McAdenville Women’s Club partnered with the Pharr YMCA and co-sponsored the Christmastown 5K race. It is now one of the largest and most prestigious 5Ks in Gaston County. 


McAdenville Woman’s Club has been a model for other clubs in our surrounding area. The club began in 1955 recognizing the McAdenville Woman of the Year and in 1960 the McAdenville Girl of the Year. These awards recognize the woman and girl who are actively involved in the community, who have a caring spirit for McAdenville and have done deeds to benefit the community. This award was suspended in 2012.  The club sponsored the Junior Miss/Miss McAdenville Pageant which started in 1956. The pageants allowed the girls to experience self-confidence in front of a crowd, fitness, discipline and ambition. The pageant was suspended in 2009.

In 1992 the Club began to honor one of its own, and the Shirley Rankin Service Award was established.  This award is given to the club member who has contributed to the work of the club in a special way during the year. The club member who receives this award has accomplished great deeds and gone above and beyond her duties. This award is named for Shirley Rankin, who was a member for many years and an example of someone who is active in the community with a caring spirit for McAdenville. This award was to honor her and to be an inspiration to the members who have and will receive this award. The scholarship program was renamed the Maxine Porch Scholarship to recognize the many hours Maxine devoted to the Club. 


At the present time the club is flourishing. Membership is at an all time high.  The club has attracted many new residents.  The club is rich in history, service and a commitment for the betterment of our Community – McAdenville.    

The McAdenville Woman's Club continues and joyfully supports many charities and organizations that directly benefit the citizens of McAdenville and surrounding areas.


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